Our tour begins leaving Santiago in direction to Isla Negra, to visit one of the houses of the poet Pablo Neruda. The place that received the poetic name “Isla Negra” (Black Island) is a coastal area baptized for being the imaginary island of Pablo Neruda. It is located 140 kilometers from the city of Santiago in the Valparaíso Region and it is bathed by the intense waters of the Pacific Ocean. There we take a break to have lunch, to taste both the flavors and the textures that inspired the poet so much. After this trip to the center of poetry, you stroll through full verses among the vines of Maipo Valley when we finish the day in a traditional tour in Undurraga Vineyard, one of the best options to visit in the central region of Chile.


Important Information:

Duration: 8 hours approx.
Schedule: Departure 08:00 (to be confirmed) – drop-off at hotel 17:00/18:00 (approx.).
Language: Spanish.
Minimum required to cover the trip: 2 adults.


  • 78 Route which connects Santiago and San Antonio port.
  • The Museum and old house of Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra.
  • Isla Negra beach.
  • Undurraga Vineyard.


  • Entrance fee to the Museum in Isla Negra.
  • Tasting of 3 wines and a gift glass at Undurraga Vineyard.
  • Entrance fee to Scented room in Undurraga Vineyard.
  • Guided trip transfer.
  • Passengers insurance for the trip by vehicle.
  • Pick-up at the door of your lodging (valid for lodgings in tourist circuit).



Adult: 62,900 CLP per person (2019 prices)
Children under 1 year old, do not pay.

– We strongly recommend the use of sunscreen and to bring lightweight warm clothes.
– The tour in the vineyard and the house of Neruda is carried out with people who do not necessarily belong to our group.

– Tour available during the whole year. From Tuesday to Sunday.
– Months with green vines and some fruits: From November to February.
– Rainy months: Between May and August.

Cancellation due to Weather Conditions:

Indo pro Chile tours will only be suspended if the weather conditions hinder the realization of them, or local authorities close access for safety. In this case the tour will be rescheduled according to the availability or the guarantee deposit will be returned. In case of rain, weak snowfall or other adverse weather conditions, and after the evaluation of our technical team, the tour will be carried out normally. So it is not within our policies to return the guarantee deposit when the travelers themselves decide to cancel our services due to weather conditions.

Booking a tour:

For booking a tour, we ask for a reservation fee of CLP$ 6.000 (10 usd) per person and tour. In the case of tours Esential Andes or Embalse El Yeso Afternoon, the cost of the reservation fee is CLP$ 12.000 (20 usd) per person and in the case of the Exploring the Andes, the cost of the reservation fee is CLP$ 24.000 (40 usd) per person, because it´s a tour that involves a different food logistics. This amount is discounted per day from the price of each tour. In case of a cancellation by the passenger, in less than 72 hrs of the tour, this reservation fee will be used for operational expenses, and there will be not refund. We also ask for at least 72 hrs to cancel at no cost. The reservation is not transferable, meaning it´s valid only for the day and scheduled tour.

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